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Real estate is often deemed that golden ticket to wealth. Play your cards right, and you could easily make your year’s salary in a month. That claim is more than enough to entice people into investing in real estate. But why aren’t there more millionaires walking the streets today? The reality is that there aren’t just the initial challenges of real estate to face but also a slew of myths. Therefore, the following includes a couple of myths you should know about real estate investing.

Leave it to the Wealthy
Perhaps the most common myth about real estate is that it’s a rich man’s game. How can the average person even compete when wealthy people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars per project? Speak to any successful real estate investor, and they will tell you that they didn’t always have large sums of money to buy a property. They began with small investments. These may include small single-family homes or empty lots, which later allowed them to double their profits. The point here is that you don’t have to be wealthy to begin. All you have to do is do your research, invest wisely, and be patient with certain properties.

No Such Thing as Zero Down
How can you purchase a property with zero down? It may sound impossible to buy without upfront financing, but the reality is that there is such a thing as purchasing a property for zero down. However, zero down also makes things much more expensive and time-consuming as sellers know they can receive much more money for their property if they cooperate and sell to you.

You Need to Have Experience
There’s no doubt about it, experience certainly helps, but you don’t have to have it to begin investing in real estate. Take the time to learn from books, online videos, and those experienced within the market to obtain a better grasp of the industry. Experience, however, will only come after you’ve purchased your first property.

You Have to be a Master Salesperson
Again, experience in sales is a plus, but even the best sales pitches will not work if the numbers aren’t to the buyer’s or seller’s liking. Thus you should begin to better yourself in the numbers department as that is what is liking going to seal the deal.