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Daniel Tarnowski

Banking & Real Estate Finance

About Daniel Tarnowski


Daniel Tarnowski is a Wholesale Account Executive at Athas Capital Group in Calabasas, California. He possesses over a decade of experience as a real estate finance expert, entrepreneur, and business owner, and over twenty years of sales experience. 

Daniel began his career as a telemarketer at his father’s company while he was still in high school. The company, which sold mortgage refinance packages, gave him early knowledge of the real estate finance industry and helped inform the rest of his professional career. For the next eight or so years, Daniel Tarnowski worked for various companies as a manager or Account Executive. From there, he began his foray into entrepreneurship.

In 2008, he opened his first business, a non-franchised auto dealership. He then went on to found Southland Recovery and Southland Security, a repossession company and a security business, respectively. Southland Recovery was incredibly successful. Daniel, who had secured a private contract with HSBC Auto Finance Division, conducted over 100 repossessions monthly, totaling an annual revenue of $600,000. Southland Security saw similar success under Daniel’s lead. He and his team of six technicians pulled in almost $50,000 in gross month revenue. 

In his current position, Daniel works with brokers and other national lenders, specializing in hard money investments. He credits his success to his past professional experiences, as they help him approach scenarios with a comprehensive outlook. As a former business owner and salesman, Daniel Tarnowski is able to provide the most effective and efficient solutions for his clients. 

In his free time, Daniel loves to spend time outdoors. Living in California, he feels lucky to be close to some of the most beautiful places in the United States. His favorite place to visit is metropolitan beaches—or anywhere he can have organic interactions with other people. Unlike many, Daniel enjoys spending as much time as possible away from a screen, which is why, on most days, you can find him volunteering at organizations in his community.

Daniel Tarnowski has been working with charities for as long as he can remember. An active member of the church, he has been on multiple missionary trips where he helped to build wells, provide aid to communities, and organize prayer drives. Daniel has also become passionate about animal welfare, discovering that he usually prefers the companionship of animals to that of people. He loves using his sales skills to help deserving animals find forever homes. 

For more information on Daniel Tarnowski and his insight into banking and real estate finance, be sure to visit his blog.